Presentation What is ASH

Download: ashmon.tar
Only runs on Windows (portable to UNIX though)
Need an Oracle client or server install on the windows Box already
Untar ashmon.tar into C:\
Edit c:\ashmon\funcs\oracle_home.tcl if your ORACLE_HOME is anything other than C:\oracle.
Run c:\ashmon\scripts\grants_big.sql as sys in sqlplus on any target database you want to monitor. This creates the user "oem" password "oem"
Once all the above is ready run c:\ashmon\bin\oraperf.bat
This starts up a graphical window with a login
Give username oem and password oem and the connect string should be valid connect string for an entry in your $ORACLE_HOME\network\admin\tnsnames.ora file

Simulating ASH in Oracle 7,8 and 9