To install on NT:

        sqlplus 'sys as sysdba/sys' @grants.sql
	unzip into C:\
	run C:\oraperf\bin\oramon.bat
	connect as oem/oem

For Linux:

        $ sqlplus 'sys as sysdba/sys' @grants.sql
	$ cat mon_linux.tgz  | gzip -d | tar xvf -
	$ cd ./oraperf, 
	$ . ./ENV 
	connect as oem/oem

Connecting as a user other than SYS

The monitor needs access to X$ tables which only SYS can see by default. Thus by default the monitor only works as the user SYS on v7 and v8 of Oracle. On Oracle 9i, ORATCL 2.7 can not connect as "sys" due to the requirement to connect as "sys as sysdba" (if you know a way tell me! This might work in ORATCL 4.0 but I haven't tried yet). Run grants.sql to give access to OEM , or edit the grant.sql file to give access to a different user, such as SYSTEM and run the monitor as SYSTEM.


The monitor needs to know Oracle Home in order to find some shared libraries. Starting in V2, the monitor will ask for a valid Oracle Home (in v1 you need to edit the file oraperf/funcs/initialize.tcl )

Oramon V2 on Oracle v8 verses v9

On Solaris the version of Oramon V2 the current version is setup for Oracle v9. To run on Oracle v8,
needs to be to be linked to ( or over written with )
as in
   $ ln -s $ORACLE_HOME/lib/ $MON_HOME/bin/
I'm not sure what happens on v7. I haven't tried yet. On Oramon V1 this wasn't an issue. Oratcl seemed to pick up the shared Oracle libraries from $ORACLE_HOME for v7,v8 and v9 or Oracle. At some point I'll put a new tar of the Solaris version with both the v8 and v9 libclntsh and I'll try to run a test for v7 to see what is needed. I have only tried the NT Oramon v2 on version 9 of Oracle as well. As far as I know v1 of Oramon worked on v7, v8 and v9 both on Linux and NT.