Oracle Performance Monitor

V1 using TCL/TK 8.2 mkthreads 1.0 and Oratcl 2.7 and BLT2.4q

How to Install
Download NT Monitor
Download LINUX Monitor

How to Patch (patches are text files thus the same for NT and UNIX)
Select Grants on X$ Tables grants.sql
Download Patch Mar 2001
Download Patch Jun 2002
Download Patch Sep 2002
Download Patch Oct 2002

Who is the Monitor For?

This monitor is targeted at post production database administrators who have to quickly identify and resolve and performance issues on a production database.

The monitor reports on :

Each of these is on a pull down menu. You can also use the mouse to select areas of the graph to zoom in on, double click to highlight certain lines and highlight their title in the display menu. In the extent map you can click on an object to highlight it's extents. Oramon Resources at Sourceforge