select EVENT# NU,NAME,PARAMETER1 P1,PARAMETER2 P2,PARAMETER3 P3 from v$event_name;

EVENT# NAME                                   PARAMETER1           PARAMETER2        PARAMETER3
---- ---------------------------------------- -------------------- ----------------- -------------
   0 Null event
   1 latch activity                           address              number             process#
   2 latch free                               address              number             tries
   3 free process state object
   4 pmon timer                               duration
   5 inactive session                         session#             waited
   6 process startup                          type                 process#           waited
   7 debugger command
   8 rdbms ipc message block
   9 rdbms ipc reply                          from_process         timeout
  10 rdbms ipc message                        timeout
  11 enqueue                                  name|mode            id1                id2
  12 DFS enqueue lock acquisition             name|mode            id1                id2
  13 DFS enqueue lock handle                  name|mode            id1                id2
  14 DFS enqueue request cancellation         name|mode            id1                id2
  15 DFS lock request cancellation            options
  16 DFS lock release                         options
  17 DFS lock convert                         mode                 options
  18 DFS lock acquisition                     type|mode            id1                id2
  19 DFS lock handle                          type|mode            id1                id2
  20 trace writer flush
  21 trace writer I/O
  22 trace unfreeze
  23 trace continue                           delay time
  24 control file sequential read             file#                block#             blocks
  25 control file single write                file#                block#             blocks
  26 control file parallel write              files                blocks             requests
  27 free buffer waits                        file#                block#             set-id#
  28 checkpoint completed
  29 buffer for checkpoint                    buffer#              dba                state*10+mode
  30 buffer deadlock                          dba                  class*10+mode      flag
  31 buffer latch                             latch addr           chain#
  32 write complete waits                     file#                block#             id
  33 buffer read retry                        file#                block#
  34 buffer busy waits                        file#                block#             id
  35 checkpoint range buffer not saved
  36 writes stopped by instance recovery      by thread#           our thread#
  37 batched allocate scn lock request
  38 on-going SCN fetch to complete

  38 on-going SCN fetch to complete
  39 on-going reading of SCN to complete
  40 log switch/archive                       thread#
  41 log file sequential read                 log#                 block#             blocks
  42 log file single write                    log#                 block#             blocks
  43 log file parallel write                  files                blocks             requests
  44 log buffer space
  45 log file switch (checkpoint incomplete)
  46 log file switch (archiving needed)
  47 log file switch (clearing log file)
  48 switch logfile command
  49 log file switch completion
  50 log file sync                            buffer#
  51 DFS db file lock                         file#
  52 conversion file read                     file#                block#             blocks
  53 db file sequential read                  file#                block#             blocks
  54 db file scattered read                   file#                block#             blocks
  55 db file single write                     file#                block#             blocks
  56 db file parallel write                   files                blocks             requests
  57 kcl bg acks                              count                loops
  58 lock element waits                       file#                block#             lenum
  59 lock element cleanup                     file#                block#             lenum
  60 pending ast                              lenum
  61 direct access I/O                        descriptor address   first dba          block cnt
  62 queue wait
  63 transaction                              undo seg#|slot#      wrap#              count
  64 undo segment recovery                    segment#             tx flags
  65 undo segment extension                   segment#
  66 undo segment tx slot                     segment#
  67 unbound tx
  68 instance recovery                        undo segment#
  69 instance state change                    layer                value              waited
  70 smon timer                               sleep time           failed
  71 index block split                        rootdba              level              childdba
  72 dupl. cluster key                        dba
  73 row cache lock                           cache id             mode               request
  74 pending global transaction(s)            scans
  75 free global transaction table entry      tries
  76 library cache pin                        handle address       pin address        10*mode+namespace
  77 library cache lock                       handle address       lock address       10*mode+namespace
  78 library cache load lock                  object address       lock address       10*mask+namespace
  79 dispatcher shutdown                      waited
  80 virtual circuit status                   circuit#             status
  81 dispatcher timer                         sleep time
  82 single-task message
  83 SQL*Net message to client                driver id            #bytes
  84 SQL*Net message to dblink                driver id            #bytes
  85 SQL*Net more data to client              driver id            #bytes
  86 SQL*Net more data to dblink              driver id            #bytes
  87 SQL*Net message from client              driver id            #bytes
  88 SQL*Net more data from client            driver id            #bytes
  89 SQL*Net message from dblink              driver id            #bytes
  90 SQL*Net more data from dblink            driver id            #bytes
  91 SQL*Net break/reset to client            driver id            break?
  92 SQL*Net break/reset to dblink            driver id            break?
  93 PL/SQL lock timer                        duration
  94 pipe get                                 handle address       buffer length      timeout
  95 pipe put                                 handle address       record length      timeout
  96 parallel query qref latch                function             sleeptime          qref
  97 parallel query dequeue wait              reason               sleeptime/senderid passes
  98 parallel query server shutdown           nalive               sleeptime          loop
  99 parallel query create server             nservers             sleeptime          enqueue
 100 parallel query signal server             serial               error              nbusy
 101 timer in sksawat
 102 scginq AST call
 103 DBWR I/O to Slave
 104 Slave DBWR Timer
 105 secondary event                          event #              wait time

SQL> desc v$event_name
 Name                            Null?    Type
 ------------------------------- -------- ----
 EVENT#                                   NUMBER
 NAME                                     VARCHAR2(64)
 PARAMETER1                               VARCHAR2(64)
 PARAMETER2                               VARCHAR2(64)
 PARAMETER3                               VARCHAR2(64)

SQL> set pagesize 0
set heading off
column NU  format 999
column NAME format A40
column P1 format A20
column P2 format A18
column P3 format A17
select EVENT# NU,NAME,PARAMETER1 P1,PARAMETER2 P2,PARAMETER3 P3 from v$event_name;

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