sqlarea - v$sqlarea

SQL> desc v$sqlarea;
 Name                                      Type
 ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------
 SQL_TEXT                               VARCHAR2(1000) 
 EXECUTIONS                             NUMBER 
 DISK_READS                             NUMBER 
 BUFFER_GETS                            NUMBER 
 ROWS_PROCESSED                         NUMBER 
 PARSING_USER_ID                        NUMBER 
 ADDRESS                                RAW(4) 
 HASH_VALUE                             NUMBER 

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The v$sqlarea table also introduced in v7 is another great table that is under utilized in tuning databases. Again as with wait events, the v$sqlarea table is more and more utilized since it came out some 10 years ago. Again as with wait events, I feel people should have been crying on the roof tops, "v$sqlarea rules!". Maybe I'm exagerating, but this table makes the job of identifying and tuning sql statements easy especially with the help of a few simple scripts.